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"When this book was first written in 1956 as a guide for the novice and reference work for the expert, the object was to combine in one volume all of the information likely to be needed for making a successful flying scale model."

About this Title

Flying Scale Models
R.G. Moulton
Model & Allied Publications, Argus Books Ltd.
Book, 130 pages

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About this title

Originally published 1956, this copy is the fifth reprint of 1976.

A comprehensive work on all aspects of flying scale model aircraft, from the selection of suitable prototypes, through all stages of building and flying, including detailed information on all kinds of power units, together with invaluable data on authentic colours and marking.

Types of Flying Scale Model
Selection of the Subject
Scaling Up the Plan
Requirements for Flight
Detail Design
Pendulums for Free Flight
Refinements for Control-Line
The Propeller
Aids to Realism
The Engine
Rubber and Jetex Power
Ducted Fans
Furnishing the Cockpit
Finish and Colouring
Flying the Model

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I had this book in the UK when I was growing up, and read it from cover to cover several times. Re-reading it now brings back lots of memories and specific pages that seem to be posted permanently in my brain. Thank you
IvorThomas - 16/11/2015
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