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"This book is dedicated to every modeler who ever thrilled to the sight of a scale WW II fighter, or daydreamed about the wind singing in the rigging wires of the fully scale antique biplane he would someday build."

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Challenge of Radio Control Scale
Don Dewey (Ed)
Radio Control Modeler Corp.
Book, 102 pages

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About this title

How Scale Is Scale? - Dave Platt
Pietenpol 'Air Camper' - Fred Angel
Consolidated PT-1 - D.F. Etchings
Martin AM-1 'Mauler' - Claude McCullough
Let's Take An Inside Look At Scale - Reynold Van Dyke
Bucker 'Jungmann' - Gerald C. Leake
Miles Magister - Dave Platt
Fokker DR-1 - Frank Crothers
Macchi 202 - Dennis Bryant
Lockheed XH-51A - John M. Burkham
Scale Aircraft Plans: 1940-1966 - Frank B. Baker


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