Aristo-Craft Jetex Engines for Models (RCL#1029)

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"A must for your model building library, 52 pages of pertinent information for scale modelers of every stripe. - Howard McEnte, R/C Editor, American Modeler Magazine"

"A most needed technical book written in simple terms, profusely illustrated. A must. – Bill Northrup, R/C Editor, Model Airplane News"

About this Title

Aristo-Craft Jetex Engines for Models
Aristo-Craft Distinctive Miniatures, New York
Book, 52 pages

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About this title

Principles of Jet & Rockets
Martin PTV-2N “Gorgon” (Flying Models)
Contest Rules for Free-Flight Jet Powered Models
Whirley (Flying Models) Experimental Profiles
Jetex Operating Instructions
“Floater” (Flying Models)
“Furnace” (Free-Flight Models)
“Apparition” (Flying Models)
Hints for Good Flying/ Jetex Augmenter Tube
Scaling Up Plans (Flying Models)
“Fizzel-Fazzel” (American Modeler)
Hand-Launched Delta (Model Airplane News)
Designing Jetex-Powered Space Models
Photo of Scale “Bomarc” Design
“Gusty” (Flying Models)
Buying Balsa (Flying Models)
Pan Am “Polka” (Amercian Modeler)
Jetex Power (Flying Models)
Convair’s Delta (Model Airplane News)
“Swif-f-f-ft” (Model Airplane News)
Lockheed “Starfighter” (3 Views)
“Peter Pan” (Flying Models)
Jetex Engine Data
Jetex-Powered Dyna-Soar (American Moeler0
“Jetex” Their Way to Success (American Modeler)
“Hi-Trusty” (American Modeler)
EN2 Jetex 50 Hi-Thrust Engine and Fuel
Two-Stage Space Ship (Model Airplane News)
Hi-Altitude Speed Model (Mechanix Illustrated)

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