Aeromodeller Pocket Data Book (RCL#1018)

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"This valuable collection of data sheets for aeromodellers provides almost a lifetime's collection of information on all aspects of model flying"

About this Title

Aeromodeller Pocket Data Book
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Model & Allied Publications Ltd.
Book, 64 pages

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About this title

Quote from preface: - "Originally published in America by FLYING MODELS this valuable collection of data sheets for aeromodellers provides almost a lifetime's collection of information on all aspects of model flying. Where necessary, facts have been amended to meet the requirements of British enthusiasts but many typical American expressions have been retained where international usage has accepted them."

Contents :
1. Building, flying and adjusting all-balsa gliders
2. Balsa fabricated wings
3. Chuck glider design data
4. Simple slab-sider building
5. Cabin slab-siders
6. Sheet and block fuselages
7. Making stronger fuselages
8. Rubber motor technique
9. Airfoil plotting
10. Basic wing construction
11. More complex wing building
12. Elliptical wings
13. Structural problems
14. Covering and doping wings
15. Wing attachment methods...
16. Propellers for all purposes
17. Engine mountings
18. Planforms in general
19. Control line planforms
20. Use of materials
21. Fuselage covering procedure
22. All about dethermalisers
23. Control line explained
24. Basic control line
25. Undercarriages and wheels
26. CL handles and operation
27. Team racing and speed flying
28. Tanks and timers
29. Finishing and decorating
30. Single channel radio control
31. Multi-channel radio control
32. R/c control systems
33. Free flight trimming
34. Trouble shooting: stall, dive, spin, recovery

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User comments:

The Aeromodeller Pocket Data Book was my bible growing up. My father bought it for me when I started designing my own control line models. Unfortunately, when I moved out and my parents moved, I guess it was thrown out with a whole bunch of other superfluous materials. Thanks for bringing this back into my memory again - many fond memories of my father and I joining the Heswall Model Aircraft Club and flying (or rather trying to fly) small controlliners at the Gayton Playing fields. Ah - happy days.
MarkWinstanley - 08/10/2015
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