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"The basis of this book is a series of articles published in the AEROMODELLER which have been condensed, revised and new material added to bring completely up to date in order to cover all aspects of the construction of model aeroplanes."

About this Title

Construction For Aeromodellers
Ron Moulton
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd.
Book, 53 pages

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About this title

Quote from chapter 1: "AEROMODELLING has often been called 'razor blade carpentry', and there is a certain amount of truth in the claim that almost any type of model can be built with no more tools than a razor blade and a small pair of pliers. However, the wise model builder acquires a selection of specialized modelling tools which, in the long run, save him endless time, money and patience. Your complete tool kit need not be an elaborate one, and certainly not expensive, but having the right tool for the job just when it is needed is a great help. First, cutting tools. The razor blade is still the one indispensable tool of the whole lot, Some builders prefer the heavier, single edge type which has a protective backing - Fig i. Others like the flexibility of the double-edged blade. Still more use the double-edged type, but break it, as shown, before using it for cutting. There are no general rules as to which is best. The first type is safer; the other two give greater flexibility. For most cutting work, however, modellers now usually prefer to use a balsa knife. One knife with a number of interchangeable blades will cover a whole variety of needs and there are several suitable commercial types..."

Admin note: I have no record of who first scanned this book. If you know, let me know and I'll add a credit. This here copy has had the first 8 pages (which were missing before) replaced by scans kindly sent in by Sundancer. Quote: - "No Problem Steve, here are the missing bits from Construction for Aeromodellers. My battered copy is a prize possession as it was a gift from Ron Moulton and is, as you can see, signed by him on the page facing Chapter 1."


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The plane and the modeller on this cover have now been identified as the 'Bally' which is held by Rudolph Schenker, the builder. See Sundancer's thread here at for the full story.
Steve - 20/10/2015
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