Airfoil Sections for the Aeromodeller (RCL#1012)

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"It is the purpose of this little book to give the aero-modeller some idea of the use of various airfoil sections and their suitability for certain purposes. In order to understand the choice of a certain airfoil section for a particular purpose, we will attempt to give the reader some idea of how an airfoil works"

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Airfoil Sections for the Aeromodeller
JWB Cruickshanks
Harborough Publishing Co. Ltd.
Book, 56 pages

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About this title

Quote from chapter 3: "The modern airfoil is generally derived from a streamline shape, the centre line of which has been given a camber. This can be seen in R.A.F.32, which is derived from R.A.F.30. We can see, then, that the airfoil has two surfaces, an upper and a lower. The upper surface is convex and the lower surface either flat, concave or convex. In order to obtain the outline of these surfaces, a table of ordinates is given. These ordinates are expressed as percentages of the chord. Where the surface is above the datum chord the ordinate is positive, and where it is below it is negative. The chord is defined as the projection of the line joining the leading and trailing edges of the airfoil. In order to illustrate how the profile of an airfoil is drawn, we will take as an example the Clark Y airfoil. We will assume that a chord of ten inches is required, and so a line 10 inches long is drawn. This is the datum line illustrated in Fig. 4. This line should be divided into tenths. This gives divisions one inch long, and each inch division is ten per cent of the chord. Some of these divisions may be further sub-divided, as shown in the figure. Thus we have 'stations' along the chord, expressed as percentages of the chord from the leading edge. Perpendiculars to the datum line should be erected at each of these stations..."

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