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"What is the urge that makes us want to build and fly model aircraft? Deep down inside most of us there is a desire to imitate ...having completed our model, and spent many a happy hour of our winter evenings in doing so, we can stand back and admire our achievement, and the accomplishment of a thing well done."

About this Title

Scale Model Aircraft That Fly
HJ Towner & Howard Boys
Harborough Publishing Co. Ltd.
Book, 97 pages

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About this title

Very detailed and comprehensive book from the wartime period. Both the writers, Towner and Boys, were acknowledged experts in their field of rubber scale models. Lots of illustrations and explanation of everything you need to know to build yourself a flying scale model, through aerodynamics, gearboxes, rubber motors, building fuselages and wings, landing gear, designing and carving airscrews, finishing, trimming and flying. Final chapters include notes on photographing models and two full size plans.

Chapter headings:

1 - Raison d'etre: Thrills of flight. Recreation.
2 - Definition: Scale, detail in miniature, broader types.
3 - Aerodynamics: Wing sections, airflow, CG stability, thrust, torque.
4 - Distribution of Weight: Similarity to prototype, varying CG position.
5 - Gearboxes: Functions of gears, effects on motor.
6 - Directional Control: Rudder controls, counteracting torque.
7 - Wing Fixing: Rigidity, detachability.
8 - Landing Gears: Actions, retractile types, tricycles, floats and boats
9 - Rubber Motors: Quantity, arrangement, turns.
10 - Design of Airscrews: How they work, pitch and diameter, setting out blanks.
11 - General Design: Grades of balsa, triangulation, general notes.
12 - Starting the Building: Glueing, soldering, etc.
13 - Fuselages: Types of structures, methods of building, jigging, windscreens.
14 - Wings: Sections, spars, tips, centre sections, fixings.
15 - Tail Units: Control surfaces, various attachments.
16 - Carving Airscrews: Making blanks, cutting from blanks, balancing.
17 - Nose-Pieces: Gearboxes, simple noses, free-wheels.
18 - Motors and Fixings: Joining rubber, tensioning, lubrication, winding, counters.
19 - Landing Gears: Methods of springing, wheels.
20 - Finishing: Covering, doping, colouring.
21 - Flying: Trimming for glide, power flight.
22 - Photographing Models.
23 - Appendix: Plans.


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