Filename Format


Container imports.

3views inside a container should have filenames in this format:

All 3views have a Title. All 3views have a publisher. The Title is... whatever makes sense to you. The Publisher has to be written as of these listed PublisherCodes.


1. Simplest example. All we have is just Title and Publisher.
Grumman F9F Tigercat - MB.pdf

2: If we also know the author, we can add the AuthorCode in the middle.
Grumman F9F Tigercat - Karlstrom - MB.pdf
...note the Author has to be written as one of these listed AuthorCodes.

3: If we also have a magazine date, we can add those 4 digits on the end, with no spaces:
Grumman F9F Tigercat - Karlstrom - MB0682.pdf

4: If the Publisher is a series (eg FACN) as opposed to a mag, there will be no date. Then we put the series number in brackets:
Grumman F9F Tigercat - Karlstrom - FACN (123).pdf


Further notes:

Avoid special or unusual charcters. Avoid using the ampersand (&) or the comma.

The ContainerLogs page shows many useful examples - it has a page of records for each container, showing all the filenames imported so far.