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RCLibrary is a collection of old-time modeller books and periodicals, held online as PDF files for free download. Everything here is free. The library is open to everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download.


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Model Maker 1966/03 March (RCL#2657) grey_line

Model Maker 1966/03 March (RCL#2657)

by V.E. Smeed (Ed.)

RCM 1984/12 December (RCL#2656) grey_line

RCM 1984/12 December (RCL#2656)

by Patricia Crews (Ed.)

Popular Mechanics 1906/07 July (RCL#2654) grey_line

Popular Mechanics 1906/07 July (RCL#2654)

by H.H. Windsor (Ed.)

Model Airplane News 1934/10 October (RCL#2653) grey_line

Model Airplane News 1934/10 October (RCL#2653)

by Charles Hampson Grant (Ed.)


Latest Books

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Evolution of the Red Arrows (RCL#2648) grey_line

Evolution of the Red Arrows (RCL#2648)

by Gary Siddall

Oddentification (RCL#2611) grey_line

Oddentification (RCL#2611)

by Wren

Slingsby Sailplanes (RCL#2603) grey_line

Slingsby Sailplanes (RCL#2603)

by Martin Simons

Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft (RCL#2515) grey_line

Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft (RCL#2515)

by Kurt Schreckling


Latest Other

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Profile Publications No. 157: Breguet 14 (RCL#2655) grey_line

Profile Publications No. 157: Breguet 14 (RCL#2655)

by J.M. Bruce & Jean Noel

Profile Publications No. 156: Ford Tri-Motor (RCL#2650) grey_line

Profile Publications No. 156: Ford Tri-Motor (RCL#2650)

by William T. Larkins

Profile Publications No. 155: North American T-28 (RCL#2645) grey_line

Profile Publications No. 155: North American T-28 (RCL#2645)

by David Brazelton

Profile Publications No. 154: Commonwealth Wirraway (RCL#2641) grey_line

Profile Publications No. 154: Commonwealth Wirraway (RCL#2641)

by Profile Publications Research Staff (Compilers)


Latest User Comments

You're right, Dan. I'm afraid we just share the scans that are sent to us. We don't have the original books or magazines. We added this title to RCLibrary very early on, in 2015. I'm not actually sure who gave it to us in the first place!...
Mary : Model Flying Boats : 18/01/2020

Good Morning! Seems pages 26 and 27 are missing from the downloadable file. Or maybe it’s 24 and 25, the two-page illustration is not page numbered. Anyway the text on page 28 starts in a way that makes it obvious something is missing.
DanAkerman : Model Flying Boats : 18/01/2020

Great to read Mike's comments. I recently saw an advert for this model "Flying Minutes" in a 1946 Daily Express sponsored Model Aircraft Exhibition souvenir programme. I googled it and eventually via Roger Newman he sent me a down load of...
Andy Hopkins : Halfax Catalogue : 04/01/2020

What a nice "little" volume loaded to the rudder tip with excellent information and beautiful graphics. Thank you very much!
MiguelMorao : Evolution of the Red Arrows : 29/12/2019

I dunno, Daithi. I walk by them all the time in the drugstore now. Maybe not back then, perhaps.
Lincoln : RCM 1984/04 April : 28/12/2019

My copy of this book was lost in a heavy flood under my house a couple of years ago. I was able to navigate your website and downloaded the whole book! This has ended a long time of fruitless searching for simple models that have been...
ChrisGreen : Working Models : 21/12/2019

Thanks for the useful feedback, Daithi. It's a fair point! We need to make RCL responsive so it will resize and work properly on people's mobile phones & tablets. To that end, we're using a new template, hence the new layout. But I've...
Mary : RCM 1984/07 July : 25/11/2019

Re: new layout - Sorry Mary but I just don't like it - the old system where books, magazines and pamphlets in separate columns was far easier to navigate.
Daithi : RCM 1984/07 July : 25/11/2019

When I opened the RCLibrary page today I was taken aback for seeing what appeared to be the line-up for a 1980s Miss America contest. It made me feel 40 or 50 years younger when I used to chase models but not of the two (long-) legged kind...
Miguel : RCM 1984/06 June : 20/11/2019

Model Builder 1978 03 was in fact March+April so there is no missing April issue. It appears that the magazine had a lag between cover and actual publication dates and this was meant to conciliate that.
MiguelMorao : Model Builder 1978/05 May : 15/11/2019

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Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year. Cheers! Mary x

You've probably noticed the new look to RCLibrary. We're making a few changes to the site template so it works better on different devices. It's not quite right yet - please bear with us as we tweak things. Any feedback from you about what you do/ don't like, is most welcome :)

Hi everyone - apologies for the lack of new titles in the past few days. Also if you've emailed me recently & you're still waiting for a reply. My son is having major spinal surgery tomorrow, for the second time in a couple of years & I'm struggling to focus on plans, planes & magazines. Please be patient over the next week or so. I will catch up eventually, I promise. Mary xx

Hello everyone! Steve and I are heading to the seaside today, for a few days R & R. I won't be working on RCLibrary while I'm away, so I'm afraid there'll be a few days with no new books or magazines. Normal service will resume when we're home :) Mary x

Happy Easter, everyone :) Mary x

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