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Latest 5 books

Model Making

14/06/2018 | RCL#2199
Model Making
Raymond Francis Yates (Ed.)
1919. "Model Making, including Workshop Practice, Design and Construction... more

Aircam Aviation Series No. S17 (Vol. 1): 50 Fighters 1938-1945

09/06/2018 | RCL#2194
Aircam Aviation Series No. S17 (Vol. 1): 50 Fighters 1938-1945
Richard Ward
1973. Aircam Aviation Series, No. S17 (Vol. 1) 50 Fighters 1938-1945... more

Air Trails Annual 1953

26/05/2018 | RCL#2180
Air Trails Annual 1953
Albert L. Lewis
1953. Air Trails Model Annual for 1953 CONTENTS "Over 100 model plane... more

Aircam Aviation Series No. 10: Lockheed P-38 Lightning

24/05/2018 | RCL#2178
Aircam Aviation Series No. 10: Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Christopher F. Shores & Richard Ward
1968. Aircam Aviation Series, No. 10 Lockheed P-38 Lightning in USAAF,... more

How to Build and Fly a Glider

15/05/2018 | RCL#2169
How to Build and Fly a Glider
Arch Whitehouse
1929. "A complete instruction booklet on the art of gliding as it is... more

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Latest 5 magazines

Grid Leaks 1963/03 March-April

14/08/2018 | RCL#2258
Grid Leaks 1963/03 March-April
"The R/C Data Service" Vol. 4, No. 2 CONTENTS Trouble Ahead for R/C?... more

RCM 1981/04 April

13/08/2018 | RCL#2257
RCM 1981/04 April
Vol. 18, No. 4 CONTENTS From the Shop - Don Dewey Cunningham on RC... more

AeroModeller 1942/03

11/08/2018 | RCL#2255
AeroModeller 1942/03
Vol. 7, No. 76 Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"... more

Model Builder 1976/01 January

10/08/2018 | RCL#2254
Model Builder 1976/01 January
Vol. 6, No. 49 CONTENTS Features: Workbench - Bill Northrop Over... more

Modelar 1991/11 November

09/08/2018 | RCL#2253
Modelar 1991/11 November
Vol. XLII, No. 11 of the monthly Czech language modelling magazine.... more

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Latest 5 catalogues, patents, other

Profile Publications No. 096: Douglas DC-3 (pre-1942)

12/08/2018 | RCL#2256
Profile Publications No. 096: Douglas DC-3 (pre-1942)
Arthur Pearcy,  1966. ...more

Model-Craft Katalog nr 4

08/08/2018 | RCL#2252
Model-Craft Katalog nr 4
1947. ...more

Profile Publications No. 095: Republic F-84F Thunderstreak

05/08/2018 | RCL#2249
Profile Publications No. 095: Republic F-84F Thunderstreak
Ray Wagner,  1966. ...more

Profile Publications No. 094: Focke-Wulf Fw190D/Ta 152 Series

22/07/2018 | RCL#2236
Profile Publications No. 094: Focke-Wulf Fw190D/Ta 152 Series
J. Richard Smith,  1966. ...more

Profile Publications No. 093: Bristol Blenheim I

15/07/2018 | RCL#2229
Profile Publications No. 093: Bristol Blenheim I
Philip J.R. Moyes,  1966. ...more

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Latest User Comments

Thanks to everyone who got in touch about the apparent discrepancy in the RCM series: we jumped from December 1977 to January 1981 this week. I'm afraid we don't have any of the 1978-1980 issues. If anyone out there does, and feels like scanning and sharing them with us, that would be awesome :)
Mary : RCM 1981/01 January : RCL#2237 : 26/07/2018

I'd like to say that "everything we do is carefully planned" and claim credit for this - but it wouldn't be true :)
Mary : Popular Mechanics 1905/04 April : RCL#2221 : 21/07/2018

I recently watched a fascinating TV programme on PBS (UK) about the restoration of a Wisconsin Fish Commission Railway Car: https://www.midcontinent.org/equipment-roster/wooden-passenger-cars/wisconsin-fish-commission-2/ To my amazement, the following day you published Popular Mechanics 1905/04 (Pages 427-430) which featured an original article about these railway cars. Coincidence or planned ??!!
ChrisPinn : Popular Mechanics 1905/04 April : RCL#2221 : 21/07/2018

Sorry, I didn't spot that! I'll ask the contributor if they can rescan.
Mary : Modelar 1991/05 May : RCL#2227 : 13/07/2018

Few pages missing...15 - 18! More detail on that Wilga, please!
Marty : Modelar 1991/05 May : RCL#2227 : 13/07/2018

Hi everyone, apologies for the problems with the November 1977 issue of RCM: 7 of the pages are entirely blank. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about this, as I don't have the original magazine to re-scan, just the scan as it was submitted to us. If anyone out there has the missing pages and can scan and share, we'll be very grateful :)
Mary : RCM 1977/11 November : RCL#2223 : 10/07/2018

This is fascinating, Chris. I've never heard of a slug as a unit of anything before. Except whisky maybe! ;)
Mary : RCM 1977/07 July : RCL#2196 : 12/06/2018

RCM 1977 July Part B Pages 82 - 84: The article on 'Dimensional Methods in Aircraft Modeling' attracted my attention. When I did my Aeronautical Engineering degree in 1965-68, we used a unit called 'slugs' in the calculation of air density. It was a convenient way of getting rid of the gravitational constant. None of my non aeronautical engineering colleagues ever believed there was a unit of mass called a slug. And surprise, surprise, dear old Bill Carter does his calculations in this article using slugs. Oh the sweet nostalgia !! I make the proposal for one of the 'win a million' shows, that the 1 million question is something like 'what are slugs, blobs, slinches and glugs' ? Go google (or ask the audience or your telephone partner) !!!
ChrisPinn : RCM 1977/07 July : RCL#2196 : 12/06/2018

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Latest News

I'm going on holiday tomorrow, will return in a week. Steve will be checking my inbox, but if you write to us and don't hear back for a while, don't worry! Mary x

I recently had an interesting email exchange with Michael Jones, who's looking for information about, or scans of, the British aeromodelling magazine, 'Model Aviation'. According to Michael, "Ron Moulton had one of his designs published in it, so it must have been quite a respectable publication. The magazine seems to have been started just after the War in 1946, and the latest plan date is 1950 - so it was up and running for about 4 or 5 years. Publishers were Ian Allan Ltd, who also published the Model Aviation Planbook. Aeromodeller price at the time was 1/3, so magazine price would have been about the same. One control line plan was priced at 4/-. Magazine content was various - free flight, control line, jetex, rubber power, glider - but no radio control. Some of the plans are tracings or copies of US designs - Luscombe Silvaire, Cumulus, Hotshot. Some of the older modellers may have copies. If so, it would be nice to have some details." If anyone out there knows more, or has scans of any issues, please email me. Thanks in advance, Mary

Apologies for not adding any new titles for a few days. My sister's had a baby and I'm helping out :) Things should get back to normal by next week. Mary x

I'm back :) Mary x

Hello lovely readers :) I've decided to take a wee break. I'm heading to the seaside tomorrow & will return on Saturday Feb 3. Nothing like the North Sea in winter to chase the cobwebs away! I won't be adding new titles or answering email while I'm away, so please be patient til I'm home. Thank you, Mary x

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