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Air Age Gas Models

Air Age Gas Models
Air Age Inc, New York
1943. Book, 146 pages
A collection of 21 outstanding gas models of all classes and types – A, B, C, Control Line, Tailless – designed by America’s... more
Added: 24/10/2015

Flying Scale Models

Flying Scale Models
R.G. Moulton
Model & Allied Publications, Argus Books Ltd.
1976. Book, 130 pages
Originally published 1956, this copy is the fifth reprint of 1976. Quote: A comprehensive work on all aspects of flying... more
Added: 23/10/2015

Challenge of Radio Control Scale

Challenge of Radio Control Scale
Don Dewey (Ed)
Radio Control Modeler Corp.
1967. Book, 102 pages
Contents: How Scale Is Scale? - Dave Platt Pietenpol 'Air Camper' - Fred Angel Consolidated PT-1 - D.F. Etchings Martin AM-1... more
Added: 16/10/2015

Model Aeronautics

Model Aeronautics
Bill Dean & Ron Warring (Co-Editors)
Ian Allan Ltd, London
1950. Book, 66 pages
Models: Powerhouse - Dick Korda Firecracker - Norman Marcus Little Mike - Pat Lidgard Tiercel - W.A.S. Geddie Small Fry -... more
Added: 14/10/2015

Aristo-Craft Jetex Engines for Models

Aristo-Craft Jetex Engines for Models
Aristo-Craft Distinctive Miniatures, New York
1967. Book, 52 pages
Contents: Principles of Jet & Rockets Martin PTV-2N “Gorgon” (Flying Models) Contest Rules for Free-Flight Jet Powered Models... more
Added: 13/10/2015

Der Bau von Flugmodellen

Der Bau von Flugmodellen
Fritz Stamer & Alexander Lippisch
CJE Volckmann Nachf. GMBH, Berlin-Charlottenburg
1935. Book, 66 pages
German language The Construction of Model Aircraft Part 2: Advanced With 100 illustrations & two tables Contents:... more
Added: 08/10/2015

Radio Control Soaring

Radio Control Soaring
Compiled & edited by Dave Hughes
Radio Control Publishing Co. Ltd.
1977. Book, 269 pages
Contributions from: Ken Binks, Pat Teakle, Tony Ellis, Chris Foss, Geoff Dallimer, Dave Dyer, George Bushell, Fred Deudney, John... more
Added: 07/10/2015

Modelès d’Aéroplanes

Modelès d’Aéroplanes
Adrien Fieux
Paris, Édition de l'Aviation Illustrée
1910. Book, 148 pages
French language Contents: Avant-Propos (Préface) - Emile Bonnet Les Modelès d’Aéroplanes Historique La Colombe Volante... more
Added: 03/10/2015

Aeromodeller Pocket Data Book

Aeromodeller Pocket Data Book
Model & Allied Publications Ltd.
1974. Book, 64 pages
Quote from preface: - "Originally published in America by FLYING MODELS this valuable collection of data sheets for aeromodellers... more
Added: 02/10/2015

Introduction to Single Channel R/C Aircraft

Introduction to Single Channel R/C Aircraft
Dave Hughes
Radio Modeller
1971. Book, 24 pages
RM Booklet Series. Single channel aircraft systems explained, plus full pictorial instructions for building a suitable model... more
Added: 01/10/2015

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