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RCLibrary is a collection of old-time modeller books and periodicals, held online as PDF files for free download. Everything here is free. The library is open to everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download.

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Latest 5 books

Model Glow Plug Engines

18/10/2016 | RCL#1632
Model Glow Plug Engines
C.E. Bowden
1949. Comprehensive introduction to using glow plug engines. Well... more

AeroModeller Annual 1968-69

12/10/2016 | RCL#1626
AeroModeller Annual 1968-69
R.G. Moulton & D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson (Eds.)
1968. "A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

Simple Radio Control

28/09/2016 | RCL#1612
Simple Radio Control
H.G. Hundleby
1955. Comprehensive introduction to radio control flying from Harry... more

AeroModeller Annual 1966-67

23/09/2016 | RCL#1606
AeroModeller Annual 1966-67
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & R.G. Moulton (Eds.)
1966. "A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

Petrol-Engined Model Aircraft

20/09/2016 | RCL#1600
Petrol-Engined Model Aircraft
C.E. Bowden
1945. "Petrol-Engined Model Aircraft (With Notes on Diesels)" This is the... more

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Latest 5 magazines

Modelář/ Modelar 1971/05 May

26/10/2016 | RCL#1640
Modelář/ Modelar 1971/05 May
Vol. XXII, No. 5 of the monthly Czech language modelling magazine.... more

Air Trails 1936/05 May

25/10/2016 | RCL#1639
Air Trails 1936/05 May
Vol. VI, No. 2 CONTENTS Bill Barnes Air Novel: The Man Who Fell From... more

RCM 1970/08 August

24/10/2016 | RCL#1638
RCM 1970/08 August
Vol. 7, No. 8 CONTENTS Viewpoint - Don Dewey The Model Wife -... more

Profile Publications No. 7: Republic P-47D Thunderbolt

23/10/2016 | RCL#1637
Profile Publications No. 7: Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
No. 7 in the 'Aircraft in Profile' series. Detailed description of the... more

Flying Cadet 1943/11 November

22/10/2016 | RCL#1636
Flying Cadet 1943/11 November
Vol. 1, No. 8 Some great illustrations, in colour and black and white.... more

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Latest 5 catalogues, patents, other

Construction and Use of a Radio Controlled Model Helicopter for Research

13/10/2016 | RCL#1627
Construction and Use of a Radio Controlled Model Helicopter for Research
Charles J. Hintze,  1985. ...more

EK-logictrol 1976

04/10/2016 | RCL#1618
EK-logictrol 1976
1976. ...more

Patent: Model Airplane Kit

21/09/2016 | RCL#1601
Patent: Model Airplane Kit
US No. 6,306,004 B1,  Rodney K. Farrar,  2001. ...more

Patent: Folded Glider

20/09/2016 | RCL#1599
Patent: Folded Glider
US No. 4,307,536,  Roy L. English & Irene F. English,  1981. ...more

Patent: Overcontrol Preventer for Miniature Captive Airplanes

19/09/2016 | RCL#1597
Patent: Overcontrol Preventer for Miniature Captive Airplanes
US No. 3,110,126,  Minor G. Kretzmer, Jr,  1963. ...more

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Latest User Comments

Glad to see this book preserved here for posterity. My father had a copy and, having seen an ECC telecommander RC set working in his Veron Marlin boat, I was inspired to read this despite being far too young to understand any of its contents. Nevertheless, it triggered an interest in aeromodelling and electronics that determined the direction of my career.
ColinMill : Simple Radio Control : RCL#1612 : 13/10/2016

*According to wikipedia "Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896) was a German pioneer of aviation who became known as the Glider King. He was the first person to make well-documented, repeated, successful gliding flights. Newspapers and magazines published photographs of Lilienthal gliding, favorably influencing public and scientific opinion about the possibility of flying machines becoming practical. On August 9 1896, his glider stalled and he was unable to regain control. Falling from about 15 m (50 ft), he broke his neck and died the next day, 10 August 1896."
Mary : AeroModeller Annual 1968-69 : RCL#1626 : 12/10/2016

Hi Mary and Steve. Please check the article "1st. Colombian Nationals"! You can see me with John Lennon type glasses as one of the judges!!! [see image above] Those were the days!!! Warmest regards,
Eduardo : RCM 1970/06 June : RCL#1624 : 11/10/2016

Glad you enjoyed this issue, Anon :) I'll do my best to dig up more. If anyone out there has anything similar, we'd love to see it!
Mary : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 10/10/2016

More of these please if you can!!!
Anon : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 10/10/2016

Hi Mary. Model Airplane News mag had several suffix near the original title. It happened when the mag changed the publisher/editor. In this case the Gray Band Publishing Co. was succeeded by Jay Publishing Co. in Sept 1932. The same happened when some mag was incorporated by another mag in Europe.
Pit : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 10/10/2016

Looks like MAN was once known as "Universal Model Airplane News"; I'm not sure when the name change took place.
Mary : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 08/10/2016

The 'Marvin Mystery Cannon' ships referenced in the Bill Barnes adventure (page 44, middle of centre column) sounds suspiciously like the Fairey Fantome (Feroce) and even the illustrations are a reasonable depiction of the type. To cap it off, page 5 has a photo of the Fantome's Hispano Suiza with its centre line cannon. Hmmmm....
MartyHillier : Air Trails 1936/03 March : RCL#1613 : 03/10/2016

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You might have noticed that we've stopped adding patents to RCLibrary. We felt that interest was waning and decided that 282 is probably enough for now :) We are planning to replace this stream of content with something new soon, probably 3-views. But my son goes into hospital for major spinal surgery this week, so new initiatives are on hold til he's home and fully recovered. I hope you understand. Thank you for your ongoing support for, and interest in, RCL, Mary x

I'll be away on holiday from tomorrow August 25, back on September 5. I'll answer any emails when I'm home :) Mary

Oh no! I've just accidentally, but permanently, deleted all the cover images. I'm not looking forward to telling Steve when he gets back from work. Please bear with me while I start the process of replacing them all.

Added new quick links for magazines that are part of a series eg RCM, MAN, AeroModeller etc. Now, if you click on the series name below each individual magazine title you can see all issues we have in that series.

Sorry if you're having problems viewing RCLibrary today. We're having some technical difficulties, which we're working hard to fix and hope will be resolved soon.

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