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RCLibrary is a collection of old-time modeller books and periodicals, held online as PDF files for free download. Everything here is free. The library is open to everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download.

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Latest 5 books

Airscrews for the Aeromodeller

05/01/2017 | RCL#1711
Airscrews for the Aeromodeller
R.H. Warring
1942. Overview of the theory behind airscrews for models, by the legendary... more

Modeling, Detailing, Painting, Weathering WWII Aircraft

31/12/2016 | RCL#1706
Modeling, Detailing, Painting, Weathering WWII Aircraft
Francois Verlinden
1998. "Modeling, Detailing, Painting, Weathering WWII Aircraft ... and... more

AeroModeller Annual 1952

10/12/2016 | RCL#1685
AeroModeller Annual 1952
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & C.S. Rushbrooke (Eds.)
1952. "A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

Model Flying Machines: Their Design and Construction

30/11/2016 | RCL#1675
Model Flying Machines: Their Design and Construction
W.G. Aston
1910. A very early "handbook devoted to the construction of practical... more

All About Model Aircraft

22/11/2016 | RCL#1667
All About Model Aircraft
P.G.F. Chinn
1958. Using material previously published in Model Aircraft magazine, this... more

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Latest 5 magazines

Model Aircraft 1951/06 June

18/01/2017 | RCL#1724
Model Aircraft 1951/06 June
"The Journal of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers" Vol. 10, No.... more

Modelář/ Modelar 1973/05 May

17/01/2017 | RCL#1723
Modelář/ Modelar 1973/05 May
Vol. XXIV, No. 5 of the monthly Czech language modelling magazine.... more

RCM 1971/08 August

16/01/2017 | RCL#1722
RCM 1971/08 August
Vol. 8, No. 8 CONTENTS From the Shop - Don Dewey Letters From RCM... more

Profile Publications No. 019: Consolidated B-24J Liberator

15/01/2017 | RCL#1721
Profile Publications No. 019: Consolidated B-24J Liberator
No. 19 in the 'Aircraft in Profile' series. Detailed description of the... more

Slope Soaring News 1989/08 August

13/01/2017 | RCL#1719
Slope Soaring News 1989/08 August
Vol. 1, No. 11 CONTENTS Special Report: Slope Soaring at the AMA Nats... more

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Latest 5 catalogues, patents, other

Model Airplane Building Secrets

14/01/2017 | RCL#1720
Model Airplane Building Secrets
Flying Model Magazine,  ...more

Sterling Models Catalogue

08/12/2016 | RCL#1683
Sterling Models Catalogue
1983. ...more

Historia de la Aviacion en Colombia: Avianca

06/12/2016 | RCL#1681
Historia de la Aviacion en Colombia: Avianca
Jaime Escobar,  1996. ...more

Marutaka Radio Control Model Planes Catalog

23/11/2016 | RCL#1668
Marutaka Radio Control Model Planes Catalog
1981. ...more

Construction and Use of a Radio Controlled Model Helicopter for Research

13/10/2016 | RCL#1627
Construction and Use of a Radio Controlled Model Helicopter for Research
Charles J. Hintze,  1985. ...more

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Latest User Comments

Thanks Howard, well spotted! I've edited the file name and it's correct now :)
Mary : Model Maker 1952/02 February : RCL#1699 : 23/12/2016

Hi Steve. PDF file incorrectly tagged as: ModelMaker_1951_02.pdf. Should be ModelMaker_1952_02.pdf.
Howard : Model Maker 1952/02 February : RCL#1699 : 23/12/2016

Hi there, Thank you very much for posting this magazine. The cover brought back great memories. I went to the Australian Nationals in 1975 as a kid ... it really filled my head with dreams! The cover of "Australian & New Zealand Modellers Monthly", 1976/01, shows Daryl Hartwig with his Hercules. At that time, this model was simply huge (apparently 3- 1/2 meter span) and Daryl said it was the first giant scale, 4 engine r/c model in Australia. I think he said he built it in 1974. He said that he needed to get clearance from the authorities to fly this model. He also said that as there were no plans available, he bought a plastic Airfix Hercules kit and made his own plans from that! Many, many years later, when I was a member of the Riverland Model Aero Club, Daryl still had the model but unfortunately he had developed a medical problem and couldn't fly much anymore. He asked if I could fly it for him "one more time" before he retired it and before he couldn't come to the airfield anymore. I said I would really like to try, so one weekend he brought it out and after checking it over, we fired up the engines which sounded great as they were all tuned via a digital tacho and there were NO MUFFLERS! After final checks, we took it onto the strip. On the first takeoff attempt one engine failed so I aborted the takeoff. After refueling and retuning, we took it out again. This time the takeoff was a success. The climb out was quite good, but turns in either direction left a bit to be desired. The wings would tip stall very easily, even at shallow bank angles. The recovery required a LOT of forward stick + cut the throttles back to idle, then get the wings leveled (with rudder only) and flying again, then smoothly apply power again, and slowwwly start climbing again. This all burned up altitude of course and I began to wonder if I could stay on top of it all. After fighting with it a few times, the Hercules and I seemed to 'come to an understanding' and the rest of the flight was reasonable smooth. I even managed a couple of low passes for Daryl which looked and sounded great! (OK, the low passes were for me to enjoy as well ...) The noise that those 4 un-muffled, in tune engines made was excellent (at least to all the modelers present!) and is a sound I will never forget. After flying around for a while longer, I set up for landing while all the engines were still running. The circuit and landing went fairly well and I even did a fairly smooth, nose high touchdown. One engine failed on the landing roll but at that stage, it wasn't a problem. To say I was a fired up would have been an understatement! Apart from the tip stall issues, the flight went great ... definitely one that will always stay on my list of 'great flights'. Daryl was also very happy and congratulated me on the flight and for getting it up and down in one piece. He told me that in the Hercules lifetime, it had only flown 13 times (mine was the 13th flight), and of those 13 flights, it had gone home "in a bag" on 11 of previous flights!!! WOW, I felt even more privileged to have flown it. I of course thanked Daryl for giving me the opportunity to fly this magnificent model and piece of Australian modeling history. Great job Daryl!!
MarkStanley : Modellers' Monthly 1976/01 January/ February : RCL#1691 : 20/12/2016

This is a fantastic book. I tracked one down and bought myself a physical copy (it was NOT cheap).
dfritzke : Model Boat Construction : RCL#1401 : 09/12/2016

Many thanks to Eduardo for correcting our error about the origins of the name 'Avianca'. I've amended the description accordingly.
Mary : Historia de la Aviacion en Colombia: Avianca : RCL#1681 : 07/12/2016

Glad to see this book preserved here for posterity. My father had a copy and, having seen an ECC telecommander RC set working in his Veron Marlin boat, I was inspired to read this despite being far too young to understand any of its contents. Nevertheless, it triggered an interest in aeromodelling and electronics that determined the direction of my career.
ColinMill : Simple Radio Control : RCL#1612 : 13/10/2016

*According to wikipedia "Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896) was a German pioneer of aviation who became known as the Glider King. He was the first person to make well-documented, repeated, successful gliding flights. Newspapers and magazines published photographs of Lilienthal gliding, favorably influencing public and scientific opinion about the possibility of flying machines becoming practical. On August 9 1896, his glider stalled and he was unable to regain control. Falling from about 15 m (50 ft), he broke his neck and died the next day, 10 August 1896."
Mary : AeroModeller Annual 1968-69 : RCL#1626 : 12/10/2016

Hi Mary and Steve. Please check the article "1st. Colombian Nationals"! You can see me with John Lennon type glasses as one of the judges!!! [see image above] Those were the days!!! Warmest regards,
Eduardo : RCM 1970/06 June : RCL#1624 : 11/10/2016

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